Hacking on cloud-init

This document describes how to contribute changes to cloud-init.

Do these things once

Do these things for each feature or bug

  • Create a new topic branch for your work:

    git checkout -b my-topic-branch
  • Make and commit your changes (note, you can make multiple commits, fixes, more commits.):

    git commit
  • Check pep8 and test, and address any issues:

    make test pep8
  • Push your changes to your personal LaunchPad repository:

    git push -u YOUR_USERNAME my-topic-branch
  • Use your browser to create a merge request:

Then, someone on cloud-init-dev (currently Scott Moser and Joshua Harlow) will review your changes and follow up in the merge request.

Feel free to ping and/or join #cloud-init on freenode (irc) if you have any questions.