Reporting Bugs

The following documents:

  1. How to collect information for reporting bugs
  2. How to file bugs to the upstream cloud-init project or for distro specific packages

Collect Logs

To aid in debugging, please collect the necessary logs. To do so, run the collect-logs subcommand to produce a tarfile that you can easily upload:

$ cloud-init collect-logs
Wrote /home/ubuntu/cloud-init.tar.gz

If your version of cloud-init does not have the collect-logs subcommand, then please manually collect the base log files by doing the following:

$ dmesg > dmesg.txt
$ sudo journalctl -o short-precise > journal.txt
$ sudo tar -cvf cloud-init.tar dmesg.txt journal.txt /run/cloud-init \
    /var/log/cloud-init.log /var/log/cloud-init-output.log

Report Upstream Bug

Bugs for upstream cloud-init are tracked using Launchpad. To file a bug:

  1. Collect the necessary debug logs as described above
  2. Create a Launchpad account or login to your existing account
  3. Report an upstream cloud-init bug

If debug logs are not provided, you will be asked for them before any further time is spent debugging. If you are unable to obtain the required logs please explain why in the bug.

If your bug is for a specific distro using cloud-init, please first consider reporting it with the upstream distro or confirm that it still occurs with the latest upstream cloud-init code. See below for details on specific distro reporting.

Distro Specific Issues

For issues specific to your distro please use one of the following distro specific reporting mechanisms:


To report a bug on Ubuntu use the ubuntu-bug command on the affected system to automatically collect the necessary logs and file a bug on Launchpad:

$ ubuntu-bug cloud-init

If that does not work or is not an option, please collect the logs using the commands in the above Collect Logs section and then report the bug on the Ubuntu bug tracker. Make sure to attach your collected logs!


To file a bug against the Debian package fo cloud-init please use the Debian bug tracker to file against ‘Package: cloud-init’. See the Debian bug reporting wiki wiki page for more details.

Red Hat, CentOS, & Fedora

To file a bug against the Red Hat or Fedora packages of cloud-init please use the Red Hat bugzilla.


To file a bug against the SuSE packages of cloud-init please use the SUSE bugzilla.


To file a bug against the Arch package of cloud-init please use the Arch Linux Bugtracker. See the Arch bug reporting wiki for more details.