How to debug user data#

Two of the most common issues with cloud config user data are:

  1. Incorrectly formatted YAML

  2. The first line does not contain #cloud-config

Static user data validation#

To verify your cloud config is valid YAML you can use

To ensure the keys and values in your user data are correct, you can run:

sudo cloud-init schema --system --annotate

Or, to test YAML in a file:

cloud-init schema -c test.yml --annotate

Log analysis#

If you can log into your system, the best way to debug your system is to check the contents of the log files /var/log/cloud-init.log and /var/log/cloud-init-output.log for warnings, errors, and tracebacks. Tracebacks are always reportable bugs.

To report any bugs you find, refer to this guide.

Validation service#

Another option to is to use the self-hosted HTTP validation service, refer to its documentation for more info.