Supported distros

Cloud-init has support for multiple different operating systems. Currently support includes various different distributions within the Unix family of operating systems. See the complete list below.

  • AlmaLinux

  • Alpine Linux

  • Arch Linux

  • CentOS

  • CloudLinux

  • Container-Optimized OS

  • Debian

  • DragonFlyBSD

  • EuroLinux

  • Fedora

  • FreeBSD

  • Gentoo

  • MarinerOS


  • NetBSD

  • OpenBSD

  • openEuler

  • OpenCloudOS

  • OpenMandriva

  • PhotonOS

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux

  • Rocky

  • SLES/openSUSE

  • TencentOS

  • Ubuntu

  • Virtuozzo

If you would like to add support for another distributions, start by taking a look at another distro module in cloudinit/distros/.


While BSD variants are not typically referred to as “distributions”, cloud-init has an abstraction to account for operating system differences, which should be contained in cloudinit/distros/.