Source code for cloudinit.features

# This file is part of cloud-init. See LICENSE file for license information.
Feature flags are used as a way to easily toggle configuration
**at build time**. They are provided to accommodate feature deprecation and
downstream configuration changes.

Currently used upstream values for feature flags are set in
``cloudinit/``. Overrides to these values should be
patched directly (e.g., via quilt patch) by downstreams.

Each flag should include a short comment regarding the reason for
the flag and intended lifetime.

Tests are required for new feature flags, and tests must verify
all valid states of a flag, not just the default state.
import re
import sys
from typing import Dict

If there is a failure in obtaining user data (i.e., #include or
decompress fails) and ``ERROR_ON_USER_DATA_FAILURE`` is ``False``,
cloud-init will log a warning and proceed.  If it is ``True``,
cloud-init will instead raise an exception.

As of 20.3, ``ERROR_ON_USER_DATA_FAILURE`` is ``True``.

(This flag can be removed after Focal is no longer supported.)

When configuring apt mirrors, if
will detect that a datasource's ``availability_zone`` property looks
like an EC2 availability zone and set the ``ec2_region`` variable when
generating mirror URLs; this can lead to incorrect mirrors being
configured in clouds whose AZs follow EC2's naming pattern.

so we no longer include ``ec2_region`` in mirror determination on
non-AWS cloud platforms.

If the old behavior is desired, users can provide the appropriate
mirrors via :py:mod:`apt: <cloudinit.config.cc_apt_configure>`
directives in cloud-config.

If ``EXPIRE_APPLIES_TO_HASHED_USERS`` is True, then when expire is set true
in cc_set_passwords, hashed passwords will be expired. Previous to 22.3,
only non-hashed passwords were expired.

(This flag can be removed after Jammy is no longer supported.)

If ``NETPLAN_CONFIG_ROOT_READ_ONLY`` is True, then netplan configuration will
be written as a single root readon-only file /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml.
This prevents wifi passwords in network v2 configuration from being
world-readable. Prior to 23.1, netplan configuration is world-readable.

(This flag can be removed after Jammy is no longer supported.)

Append a forward slash '/' if NoCloud seedurl does not end with either
a querystring or forward slash. Prior to 23.1, nocloud seedurl would be used
unaltered, appending meta-data, user-data and vendor-data to without URL path

(This flag can be removed when Jammy is no longer supported.)

On Debian and Ubuntu systems, cc_apt_configure will write a deb822 compatible
/etc/apt/sources.list.d/(debian|ubuntu).sources file. When set False, continue
to write /etc/apt/sources.list directly.

[docs]def get_features() -> Dict[str, bool]: """Return a dict of applicable features/overrides and their values.""" return { k: getattr(sys.modules["cloudinit.features"], k) for k in sys.modules["cloudinit.features"].__dict__.keys() if re.match(r"^[_A-Z0-9]+$", k) }