Documentation directory layout

Cloud-init’s documentation directory structure, with respect to the root directory:

    - examples/
    - man/
    - rtd/
        - tutorial/
        - howto/
        - explanation/
        - reference/

        - development/
        - static/
            - css/
            - js/
            - *logos*
        - **
        - *index.rst*
        - *links.txt*
    - rtd_html/
    - sources/



This subdirectory contains the Linux man pages for the binaries provided by cloud-init.


This subdirectory is of most interest to anyone who wants to create or update either the content of the documentation, or the styling of it.

  • The content of the documentation is organised according to the Diataxis framework and can be found in the subdirectories: tutorial/, howto/, explanation/, and reference/.

  • The development/ subdirectory contains documentation for contributors.

  • static/ contains content that relates to the styling of the documentation in the form of custom CSS or javascript files found in css/ and js/ respectively. This is also where you can find the cloud-init logo.

  • contains Sphinx configuration commands.

  • index.rst is the front page of the documentation.

  • links.txt contains common (and reusable) links so that you do not need to define the same URLs on every page and can use a more convenient shorthand when referencing often-used links.


When the documentation is built locally using tox -e doc, the built pages can be found in this folder.


This subdirectory contains demos which can help the reader understand how parts of the product work.